Product Description

An electronic product lithograph program.

Product F.A.Q.

Please browse the below questions and provided answers if you need assistance. More often than not someone else has had the same problem you are having and it could have a simple solution.

Click the button with the house icon on it to return to the main kiosk page. Then press Ctrl & End on your keyboard to return to the normal elitho screen.

The password cannot be changed or reset. Please call the support line get help with retrieving the password.

The update can be done in one of two ways. Either update over the internet (perferred way) or use a recent CD.

  1. Go to the Administration side and click the Update E-Lithos button. Click on the check internet for updates button. Once the updates have downloaded, close the program and re-open it. Then click on the apply updates button.
  2. Insert the CD and follow the on screen install instructions. Once that finishes open the program and click the apply updates button.

Custom products cannot be added to the program. Only products that are standard in the service center will show up. With one exception being the vaults.

No the program must be installed on each machine you would like to use it on.

If trying to restore data from a flash drive or other device, click on the Restore E-Litho Data button.

  • Select this option if you wanting to update a computer from another computer. You will see the file directory.
  • Find where your flash drive (or network drive) is located and select it by clicking on it, then clicking on OK.
  • Your data will now be updated from that source.

Click on the Backup E-Litho Data button and simply select the location you would like to send all of your data to and click on the OK button. Your data will be sent to that location.

You have four (4) options and three (3) screens for setting/changing retail prices.  When you open the Price Adjustments area, the “Individual / All Pricing” method will be selected by default.

  • Option #1 for setting retail prices uses a single multiplier for ALL products (caskets and urns).  To utilize this method, enter your standard multiplier (e.g. 2.5) in the Multiplier field at the top of the screen; then select your preference for rounding retail prices.  Click on the Change ALL button.  You will receive a verification message. Click Yes, and prices will be changed. You can also limit the products shown on the screen specifically to Caskets, Urns, Vaults, or Keepsakes by using the check-box on the right side of the screen.
  • Option #2 uses the same screen and sets the price for individual products.  To use this method, scroll through the product list to the desired product, and then click into the Retail Price column next to the product.  Enter your desired price, including the decimal point and cents.  Click to subsequent products as needed. When you are finished making changes in the “Individual / All Pricing” area, click the Save Changes button to save or Cancel Changes to start over.
  • Option #3 allows you to set retail pricing by material type.  To use this method, click the “By Material Type” tab on the left hand side of the screen. This area will list each type of metal material and specie of wood for caskets and urns.  The screen also informs you of the number of products available in each material type or species.  As soon as you enter a change, the Save Changes and Cancel Changes buttons will become available.  Enter price multipliers for each material/specie, and then click the Save Changes button to save or Cancel Changes to start over.
  • Option #4 allows you to set pricing by wholesale price range.  To use this method, click on the “By Wholesale Pricing” tab on the left hand side of the screen. For each price range, enter the lowest cost of the range (e.g. $0), the highest value (e.g. $1000). On this screen, you can change retail prices for the products specified in the price range in two ways, by using a multiplier (e.g. 2.5) and the rounding method (e.g. nearest $10), or by using a specific dollar amount (e.g., $500).  As you complete the necessary information for each range, you will be prompted to verify each change before it goes into effect.